handcrafted wool rugs from the himalayas

100% natural and sustainable.
Fair produced by a family business in Nepal.
Kaldhara - Himalayan Wool Rugs is dedicated to selected carpets since 2015.
In our manufactory in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal we work on rugs made of felted wool according to old craftsmanship.
Our aim is to further enliven the textile art of the nomads and mountain tribes and to combine it with contemporary influences.
Thus, in remarkable handwork, natural home textiles are created which are distinguished by their original production and choice of materials.
The carpets and home textiles of Kaldhara - Himalayan Wool Rugs are handmade from felted wool and available in different sizes, colours and designs.
The virgin wool used is not dyed and is treated only with water and natural soap. After felting, the carpets are washed and dried in the sun. This results in a purely natural and sustainable product.